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Water levels rising along Greenbrier River


RONCEVERTE, W. Va (WVVA)-- Water levels rose along the Greenbrier River Thursday.

Along with parts of Alderson and Route 3 into Summers County, some roads in Ronceverte were also closed.

For those who live along the river, flooding comes with the territory. But communities work together to prepare for the worst when the waters rise.

Paul Studidant said, "It's a group effort. If somebody needs help, we stop what we're doing and help them move the important things up higher."

Ann Boone said she and her family have a preparedness routine they've perfected while living at the water's edge.

"We've got things in plastic bins so we can move important things quickly. And we just move them upstairs. We just are prepared at all times for it to go up."

Greenbrier County has an emergency alert system to let residents know what to expect when flooding is a possibility. You can choose to be notified about changing current conditions by email, text, and voice messages.

"Keep an eye out at all times. If water starts rising, go to higher ground," said Al Whitaker of Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

He also said if you can't see pavement due to flooded roadways, do not try to drive through it.

"We are recommending not to drive through any water at all," he said. "A foot of water can lift a vehicle... A lot of times what happens is the water gets in the engine compartment and stalls the vehicle, and [you] get stranded."

Residents said Thursday, they know the water has to come back down eventually.

"We have seen it come up and we have seen it come down," said Boone. "I can't imagine living anywhere else."

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