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Opinions still strong on wind turbines in Tazewell County


TAZEWELL (WVVA) - The idea of wind turbines on East River Mountain still stirs up strong opinions among many area residents.

The notion first grabbed attention in 2009 when Dominion and BP proposed placing electricity-generating wind turbines on land that had been purchased on East River Mountain.

Many residents spoke out against the proposal, prompting the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors to pass a ridgeline ordinance that essentially restricted the construction of structures more than 40 feet high on the mountain.

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Now -- as first reported Wednesday by WVVA News -- a bill before the Virginia General Assembly would allow renewable energy projects in the Commonwealth to bypass local regulations such as Tazewell County's ordinance.

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When asked about the possibility of a wind turbine controversy returning to Tazewell County, WVVA News viewers were quick to share their opinions.

"No! The public spoke about this several yrs ago," wrote Barbara Lambert Martin on the WVVA News Facebook page. "One more example of the govt not listening to the public!"

"There is no reason not to switch to 100% power from the wind," responded Joe Honaker. "Everyone finds a reason to oppose them because they 'destroy the natural beauty' but I don't see people going insane over the hundreds of Cell Phone Towers popping up all over the region."

Abram Jackson added: "Would be nice for (part of) the area to actually be at the leading edge of a technological advancement than decades behind like most everything else..."

While Marie McDowell Call said "I enjoy photographing East River Mountain from my house in Tazewell County and I do NOT want those ugly things ruining our beautiful mountain or our beautiful view of it!"

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