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Town of Rainelle Launches New Website


RAINELLE, WV.(WVVA) - One Greenbrier County town has officially launched their new website.

Information and upcoming events can now be found online. The site was launched by the Rainelle Community Development Corporation. 

"Just as the town of Rainelle was the commercial center for western Greenbrier and nearby communities in Fayette and Summers Counties, the RCDC and its web site intend to serve Rainelle and the surrounding areas," RCDC President Joan C. Browning said. 

The web site features a comprehensive community calendar, RCDC Executive Director Andrea J. "Andy" Pendleton said.  "Please send us notices about your events," she said.  "We invite clubs, churches, and businesses to use our calendar."

"We also want the web site to promote local businesses," Pendleton said.  "RCDC does not charge businesses to have a listing of their name, address, and a brief statement of how they serve customers."

Businesses may submit information to the webmaster link on the web page.

"There is also a way for site visitors to "talk" to us and even to "talk back" to us," Browning said.  "The web site is a place for genuine discussion about how to revitalize our area."

 Rainelle Community Development Corporation is also on Facebook.

Coming soon will be blogs by the RCDC President and Executive Director.

 Tenley Shewmake of Alta Web Resources of Renick designed the web site and continues to consult as it expands. 

"It is exciting and challenging to design a web site that is easy to use and yet covers such a large area and so many kinds of activities," Shewmake said.  "Feedback to the RCDC officers will allow the actual design process to continue expanding and refining the site."

RCDC's webmaster is Autumn Shelton of Rupert.  A teacher and a writer, Shelton is now learning to be a webmaster.  "My roots and deepest affection are in the areas west of Alta Mountain," Shelton said.  "Webmaster can be a scary word, but Tenley is a good guide to managing the Rainelle Community Development Corporation's web site."

The Rainelle Community Development Corporation is a 501C3 nonprofit organization dedicated to joining with others including Town government, private business and civic organizations to improve the economic and community status of people in the larger Rainelle community by promoting businesses, education, recreation, technical assistance, historic preservation and capacity building.

"We are moving into projects as quickly as we are able to match resources with opportunities," Pendleton said.  Pendleton said that donors are able to recommend projects. 

Rainelle Community Development Corporation board members are:  Joan C. Browning, President; Christopher Clay, Vice-President; Sandra Sorrells, Secretary; Martha Livesay, Treasurer; and Susie Minturn, Parliamentarian.  Andrea J. "Andy" Pendleton is Executive Director.  All serve without compensation.

For further information, contact Browning at 304.645.6799 or, or Pendleton at 304.667-9233 or


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