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Fritz's Pharmacy begins annual 90-Day Challenge


LEWISBURG, W. Va (WVVA)-- Locally-owned pharmacy is beginning its 6th annual 90-Day Challenge.

The purpose of the event is to help community members not only get healthier, but learn ways to stay that way.

"People think, 'I have to starve myself to lose weight,'" said Stephanie Zimmerman, the pharmacy's Wellness Coordinator. "It's entirely the opposite... we want to teach people how to do the weight loss in the right way."

Throughout the 90 days during the program, participants will meet each Tuesday for an hour and learn about nutrition, as well as partake in fitness classes at the Rhema Christian Center.

Zimmerman said Tuesday that the goal is to help entire families.

"[Obesity and unhealthy lifestyles are] generational," she said. "Let's stop that cycle. If we can help one person, they can go and help their family."

She said she wants the participants to spread their new knowledge to those around them.

"West Virginia is up there in obesity," she said, gesturing to indicate the height of the problem. "It's all about the community [and fixing the problem]... And you can fall off the bandwagon, but you get right back on because [after this] you do know the basics."

The person who loses the most body fat, calculated by percentage to be fair to all participants, wins $100. So this is a competition, but in the end, everyone wins, said Zimmerman.

"We will learn what carbohydrates are, what proteins are, where you get your fats, portion sizes," said Zimmerman. "I used to think that portions were whatever I decided to put on my plate... that's not the case," she laughed.

The last day for weigh-ins and registration was Tuesday. The program starts on the 22nd.

Zimmerman shared some quick tips for weight loss with WVVA:

  • Know your serving sizes. "It is important to measure your food so you know what you're getting," said Zimmerman. "
  • Lay off the soda. "If you're counting your carbohydrates, one soda is equivalent to a meal," she said.
  • Do not over-eat.
  • Keep going. "Know that when it gets hard, you can keep going," she said. "Don't look at the overall picture-- just do small steps every day.
  • Work hard. "If you know the basics and do them, you will see results-- guaranteed," she said.


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