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New chief of police begins work in Fayetteville


FAYETTEVILLE (WVVA) – There's a new chief in town, Chief Matt Jeffries.

The new boss is the latest addition to the Fayetteville Police Department, but he is no stranger to the area.

"I'm from here in Fayetteville," says Jeffries.  "I grew up here, was raised here, graduated… All my schooling was here.  [I've] been here all my life."

Prior to joining the Fayetteville force, Jeffries worked 11 years with the Beckley Police Department.  After that, he worked as an investigator for an insurance company and was a part-time police officer in Mount Hope.

When the police chief job opened, Jeffries says he knew he was ready to return to full time police work.

"Law enforcement is my passion," says Jeffries.  "I really missed it, and it was just an opportunity that presented itself here… in my hometown."

He says it will take time to develop trust with the ten officers and other staff members he oversees, but he is up for the challenge.

"I'd like to think I'm bringing some fresh ideas and making some changes.  The disadvantage is some of the guys would've liked to have seen someone from within the department gotten promoted to chief," says Jeffries.

He has a vision for the force.  Jeffries already is renovating and expanding the department's evidence room.  Also, he would like his department to be more connected to the community.  Jeffries would like to do more patrolling on foot and talking to community members. 

"Obviously we will still be running radar on Route 19.  We still will be doing traffic enforcement.  That's a very important aspect of law enforcement, but it shouldn't be the only thing that you're known for," says Jeffries.  "I want my department to be known as a professional, but compassionate police department that cares about the citizenry."

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