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New Year, Higher Prices


NBC News--  We're done ringing in the New Year and it's back to work today.  Experts are expecting 2013 to be more expensive than 2012.

Here's to hoping you make more money. came out with its list of things that'll cost you more.

Starting with the grocery store.  Grocer Dick Rinehart says, "This was a perfect storm, basically the last 3 years.  This year meat, poultry and dairy all going up."

Rinehart adds, "We had a drought, corn crop was down wheat crop was down, bread is made out of wheat, we feed our animals corn."

USDA expects meat, poultry and dairy prices to go up around 4 percent.

Number two, cereal and bakery's going up USDA says up close to 3 percent.

Dr. Logan Kelly, an economist says "My first law of economics, everything effect everything."

Dr. Kelly runs the Center for Economic Research.  He says global factors are contributing.  "So you're having a greater demand, more people wanting the same basic amount of resources that the world can provide and so that's pushing commodity prices up long run."

Next, the cost of college is going up.  Dr. Kelly says, "We're also seeing diminished public support of public education, public institutions which is also forcing costs to go up."  The College Board Advocacy and Policy Center says in-state tuition will rise almost 5 percent.

Number four according to Deal News shipping costs will rise at both UPS and Fedex, going up 4.5 to 5 percent.

And Number five, health care premiums on the rise.  Hiking up 6 percent by some estimations.

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