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Tips for Winterizing your home


NBC News--Already some parts of the country have had a taste of winter, which should serve as a reminder to the rest of us to get ready.

Bob Markovich at Consumer Reports has compiled a "to-do" list for winterizing your home, starting with water hoses that should already be disconnected and drained by now.

Chris Clackum, reporter for NBC News says, "outdoor faucets, in addition to covering the spigot itself, he says, if you can, turn off the outdoor water supply from the inside."

Markovich adds, "Because if you don't do that what can happen is the pipes can actually freeze, even if the outside spigot is turned off."

Frozen water is what you end up with in a clogged gutter,which can cause leaky structural damage on your rooftop.  While down below, close vents to keep cold air out of crawl spaces, and speaking of cold air for the winter months, come outside and flip off the outdoor power switch to the compressor on your air conditioning unit."

It'll save energy and keep away rodents looking for a warm spot.  To make sure warm air stays in he says use the candle or incense smoke test.

"You basically want to hold that around the window frames, and if the smoke is going vertically, great. If you see any sort of horizontal movement, you've got a leak."  Which can be fixed with caulk. Weather strip or cheap plastic film.

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