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Elderly woman with revolver fends off intruder

DOTHAN (WVVA) - An elderly Fayette County woman was able to scare off an intruder at her home by firing shots from her .38 revolver.

A burglar alarm was sounded at the woman's residence in the Dothan area around 2 a.m. Thursday morning. According to police, the woman was awakened by the alarm, retrieved a .38 revolver and went to check on her home.

As she approached the rear door of her residence, the woman was startled by a suspect who punched her in the face. The woman then began shooting, prompting the suspect to flee.

The woman was unable to give a description of the suspect due to the darkness in the house.

Deputies with the Fayette County Sheriff's Department attempted to track the suspect using a K-9 unit. No blood was found at the scene, indicating the suspect was likely not hit by any of the bullets.

The suspect apparently entered the house by cutting a screen in the back door and breaking a window.

The woman declined medical treatment for the minor injury to her head.

The case remains under investigation. If anyone has information regarding this incident, contact the Fayette County Sheriff's Department at 394-574-4216 or online at www.fayettesheriffwv.net.


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