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An Arctic Blast Spreads Across the Country

NBC News - An arctic blast sweeping across much of the U.S. quickly wiped away the last remnants of summer.

Just yesterday, there were 74 record low temperatures stretching from the northwest to the southeast: 37 degrees in St. Louis, 31 in Alabama, and 5 below zero in northern Wyoming. And tonight, portions of the country are under frost and freeze advisories. An early start to the cold season in a year where extreme heat has dominated

"The temperatures that we're seeing now are a good 10 to 30 degrees below average. Now we've got a trough or a dip in the jet stream that's been digging down and all that cold air that's been brewing up around the arctic, it's been allowed to come down across the lower 48."

Along with the cold temperatures -- snow. In the last week, some of the first snowfall of the season blanketed several states in the upper region, coating areas of northern Minnesota with more than a foot of snow.

Today in Chicago people bundled up, lining the route to cheer on marathon runners who braved the elements.

"It's not too bad. But these 93 year old legs are just a little bit chilly right now."

In Cincinnati, hearty football fans also tried to embrace the cold.

"It feels a little colder than 45 degrees. My hands are freezing but the rest of me's warm cause I have on a lot of layers."

At Queens County Farm in New York, the colder temperatures and even some rain couldn't dampen a fall tradition - a visit to the pumpkin patch

"We were coming rain or shine"

Others grabbed a cup of warm apple cider. A taste of fall, and winter all at once.



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