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Durabeauty Technology

It can be daunting to think about all the different hardwood flooring "crushers" the average household faces on a frequent basis. When you install your stunning hardwood floors, you want beauty that will perform under pressure no matter what the offender. Thanks to a rigorous conversion process, look no further than Mohawk Hardwood with DuraBeauty Technology™ for the ultimate in toughness and durability.

DuraBeauty Technology™ Is the Epitome of Tough!...Lasting Beauty Meets Permanent Protection in These Acrylic Hardwoods

With more holes within the cell structure, non–acrylic infused hardwood is more susceptible to everyday wear and tear.

And you deserve to avoid the stress from the dents, dings, and damage that sources such as pets, kids, high heels, cleats and holiday get–togethers can produce.

A new advancement for 2010, Mohawk Hardwoods with DuraBeauty Technology™ have acrylic resins and stain injected into the face veneer under intense heat and pressure to fill the cell structure of the wood. As a result, this acrylic infused hardwood has a premium commercial–grade aluminum oxide finish, twice as much aluminum oxide as a standard finish.

In addition to the hardened acrylic being 50% more crush resistant than traditional wood floors, when the stain is injected in the actual wood fiber, you're left with permanent color that won't wear through. And our Through–Color feature makes those infamous scratches virtually invisible.
We stand behind our DuraBeauty Technology™ so much, these hardwoods comes with a 3–year Medium Commercial Warranty and an extended 35–year Residential Finish Warranty.

When you see DuraBeauty Technology™, that means permanent protection– Now that's tough!

Featuring Mohawk DuraBeauty Technology ™ …...Our Hardwood Brings Permanent Protection Where You Need It Most

Mohawk Hardwood is tops when it comes to durability and lasting appearance.

Our Hardwood featuring DuraBeauty™ Technology with acrylic infused hardwood has superior crush resistance and a commercial–grade aluminum oxide finish to prevent scratches.

You truly can have it all in one floor: appearance, strength, performance. At Mohawk, we're providing you with hardwood flooring that captures timeless beauty while incoporating the innovations of today.

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