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Storing Potatoes


If you plan on eating those potatoes within the next month then you can go ahead and wash them now. Don't soak them though. Just briefly wash them in plain water with a soft brush and let them dry away from direct sunlight. Once you leave the potato in the water so long the water will actually penetrate the skin and that causes them not to keep. If you wash them individually then and get them out of that water quickly then it won't do very much damage at all. if you plan on keeping those potatoes thru the winter don't wash them now. Just take a very soft brush and brush off some of that dirt. If you have any cuts on the potato from digging them up or slight wire worm damage just make sure those places are dry before you put them in a dry, dark and cool place. Be very careful on what type of container you use in that dark, cool place. Put them in something that they can breathe. Never put it in plastic and leave it. It will sweat and it will rot it. You want it in those old tater bins that has strips in it like an old corn crib or boxes like a banana box or something that has holes or slats in it. Stack the potatoes several feet high if the container is only about a foot wide. If your container is several feet wide then only stack the potatoes about a foot high. If one potato is going to go bad it will in the next 10 days but after that it will probably last the whole winter in right conditions. So let them sit that long and then go thru them again before you put them up for the winter. Just one bad potato can end up spoiling the whole bunch.



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