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Weight Loss

Successful weight loss is highly dependent on several things: good nutritional habits, i.e. eating at regular intervals, staying within a healthy caloric range, etc., regular exercise and plenty of sleep.  All are equally important in losing weight and keeping it off.   

Here at the Medical Weight Loss Clinic we're not big believers in diets, per se, at least as that term is commonly understood or used.  

We do believe in eating healthy, whole foods at regular intervals throughout the day; it's the cornerstone of any permanent weight loss and weight maintenance program.  To give you the caloric range you need--a road map, if  you will--we utilize sophisticated bio-impedance technology to measure your body's needs.  

From there we can construct a comprehensive plan to help you lose the weight you need to lose and keep it off.  Frank interaction with the  
- Body Composition
- Injection Therapy

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