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COPY-Common Terms & Tip Quick Guide

A quick guide to common terms

Manufactured home: refers to a home built entirely in a factory and covers single or multi-section homes, including transportation to and from your site as well as installation. Must meet the following federal regulations:

•     Design and construction
•     Strength and durability
•     Transportability
•     Fire resistance
•     Energy Efficiency
•     Quality

Modular home: a home built to state, local or regional codes where the home will be located. Includes system-built homes transported and installed on-site.

Panelized home: a home built in a factory, with panels including windows, doors, wiring and siding, transported and assembled on-site according to state or local codes of that location.

Pre-cut home: materials for these homes are pre-cut to specification and then transported and assembled on-site according to state or local codes. Examples include kit, log or dome homes.

Mobile home: refers to homes built before June 15, 1976, when federal codes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) took effect. Previously, standards and codes were voluntary. Clayton does not endorse the use of this term. Homes built by Clayton meet or exceed all local, municipal or federal codes. Our homes are best suited for permanent foundations and should not be considered "mobile".

Smarter way to build

Experienced craftsmen and skilled specialists build your manufactured home in one of our 39 state-of-the-art centers. The environment is completely controlled, with no weather delays, no lost time and no damaged or stolen materials. This saves you money.

Make it your own

With thousands of floor plans and endless options, you'll find the modular home that's just right for you and your family. High-end appliances, luxurious spas or custom cabinets – your new home will reflect you.

Even more benefits

•     Your manufactured home is inspected constantly while it's built and after it's delivered.
•     Your modular home can be financed through traditional lenders, including Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance and 21st Mortgage Corporation.

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