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Dr. Beckett offers helpful links

(WVVA) - Concord University's Dr. Joe Beckett has submitted the following list of 'fitness planning websites' for use by WVVA's Fitness Challenge participants.

Dr. Beckett has researched each of the links and believes they can be useful on your fitness journey.



  • This guide includes three worksheets to help you figure out what motivates you to exercise, which types of activities you'll enjoy most, and how to fit them into your life.


  • Sample fitness plans, charts, pictures, etc.


  • Answer just three questions and a workout will be generated to help you reach your goals.


  • Are you thinking about starting a fitness program? Good for you! You're only five steps away from a healthier lifestyle. Also resources can be found here regarding fitness basics, stretching and flexibility, aerobic exercise, strength training, and nutrition.


  • Fitness and nutritional planning.



  • Sample video segments on various types of exercise programs.


  • Interactive website that presents resources regarding topics such as: fitness tracker, lose 10 pounds, workout playlists, iPod workouts, run/walk planner, BMI calculator, create a diet, etc.


  • FitClick offers a wide variety of exercise plans to choose from. Each exercise plan can be customized to fit you and can consist of one or more individual workout plans. You can choose a walking, toning, strength training, yoga, running or cardio exercise plan or even combine a cardio workout routine and a strength training plan.


  • Get fit for free on this 11-week plan. Sign up now to get customized workouts from professional personal trainers.


  • Developing a Fitness Action Plan is one of the many topics presented.


  • Developing your personal fitness plan is discussed, in addition to a glossary of health and fitness topics.


  • Fitness videos, virtual trainer (including video and 3D demos), fitness tips, and fitness stories to get and keep you motivated are discussed.


  • Performance Edge newsletter. Various topics on health and fitness are presented with outstanding illustrations.


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