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Hearing Aid Sales & Financing

Hearing aids are tiny instruments you wear in or behind your ear. They make sounds louder. Things sound different when you wear a hearing aid, but we can help you get used to it and properly adjust it. To find the hearing aid that works best for you, you may have to try more than one. We can work together until you are comfortable.  We also know that Hearing Aides can be expense.  So we have partnered with what we think is a great place to finance your hearing aid purchase.  You may even qualify for 0% interest.  We are confident we can find a solution for you.  Call Appalachian Hearing and Balance today.

Other alternatives like Personal listening systems help you hear what you want to hear while eliminating or lowering other noises around you. Some, called auditory training systems and loop systems, make it easier for you to hear someone in a crowded room or group setting. Others, such as FM systems and personal amplifiers, are better for one-on-one conversations.

We also offer TV listening systems that help you listen to the television or the radio without being bothered by other noises around you. These systems can be used with or without hearing aids and do not require you to use a very high volume.

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