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Katie Stultz Melara. GRI

I started my life in Maryland at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds where I was born.  From there I lived a short time in Columbus, Ohio and then to a small town in South West Virginia which was my home for many years! Bluefield West Virginia!  I went through all my school years here in

Bluefield- Beginning in 1960 at Fairview Jr. High then on to Bluefield High School.  I have fond memories of my years growing up in these

mountains- Memories of the bustling streets downtown at Christmas time - the simple lights that used to dress the streets up for the festivities of the season.  Kresges having the best donuts in the world!  Thortons Store, Cox's Departments Store, Leggets, the old Colonial and Granada theaters. I even remember being on Romper Room as a little girl at the old TV station uptown.  Time changes though and as I got a little older - just out of High School and in my second year of college and at the tender age of 19 I became tired of the  mountains and headed south to the sunny beaches of South Florida.  I worked and met many friends, met my husband and had 3 lovely children but there was always something missing - The SEASONS!  I always missed the seasons and the distinct smell of spring, summer, falll and winter.  I was always homesick. 

In August of 1992- there was a weather forecast for the possibility of a Hurricane hitting South Florida- In the 18 years that I had been there there had been numerous predictions all of which had been unfounded . complacency had set in and we did not heed the warnings for this "hurricane" I at the time worked at the Homestead Dialysis Center- We had three children- Ashley was 8, Kelly was 6 and Louis was 18 months old.  My husband was a Paramedic / Firefighter with the Miami-Dade Fire Department.

The call from the Weather Station on Sunday Morning was that the storm was moving up the coast......WRONG..that afternoon Hurricane Andrew whipped around and decided to make Homestead, Florida, our hometown, GROUND ZERO! To late to evacuate we hunkered down and road the storm out in  our Master bedroom Closet- Walls were leaning. Roof was leaving, water was rising, our home came apart.  When morning came we knew that we had to go somewhere besides the  place we had called home the day  before.  I had left Bluefield behind those years before and really never thought I would return to live there.  With no home to live in and the schools in such a bad way we had "no choice" but to go back to the mountains of West Virginia but it was only going to be for one year......Strange thing happened though.....we settled in and our roots grew deep.  The mountains that I had seen as a child looked more beautiful as an adult.   One year turned to 2 years and now 17 years later my home is still Bluefield, West Virginia. 

My Real Estate Career began in 1996 with Century 21 Select Properties. With the exception of 1 year my dedication to the Real Estate profession has been with Century 21 Select Properties.  It has consistently been a wonderful company to work for and work with.  I am so proud of our company and strive hard to represent my clients honestly and with knowledge of the real estate industry and our area. 

If you are new to the area or have been here a lifetime- I would be happy to help you find your home in our mountains or to help you sell your home here and assist you in finding a good Realtor in your relocation.

Please don't hesitate to call me- I appreciate your business. Sincerely, Katie Melara, GRI REALTOR


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