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COPY-Stump grinding, Chipping, Tree care and removal

Proper tree care is essential but often we find homes in danger because of the trees around them.  SCLC has a professional tree care crew and can properly trim or even in worst cases remove trees close to your home.  You will be surprised in the difference between a properly pruned tree and one that has been left to grow out of control.  In addition we can grind the unattractive stumps that are left behind by fallen or removed trees.  SCLC is equipped with a wood chipper so we clean up the mess often left behind by fallen or damage limbs.  Our state of the art equipment helps clean ups go a lot faster and with a lot less effort.  Experience the assurance of hiring an educated arborist.  Don't hesitate to call SCLC and see what our mobile fleet can do for you.  1-800-327-BUSH

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