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Indoor Plumbing

From something as simple as a new kitchen faucet to completely plumbing your new home Steele's Plumbing has you covered.  We can install or repair plumbing in new or old construction. We can do everything in a building that uses water including fixtures or appliances. Your fixtures or appliances will use water to perform their function and most will produce waste/sewage components that will require removal by the waste/sewage side of the system. 

Steele's plumbing can install or repair the water lines that carry it in and waste/sewer lines that take it out.  From Galvanized iron pipes with threaded fittings, galvanized steel supply pipes, brass pipes and fittings, copper with soldered fittings and plastic supply pipes we can service it all. Steele's Plumbing is one of the few plumbing companies in the area that have LICENSED PLUMBING CONTRACTORS with the experience to meet all state and local plumbing codes and we use materials proven by ASTM, UL, and/or NFPA testing.  We can also install and repair plumbing in hotels, apartment buildings, industrial buildings and other commercial applications.Steele's plumbing offers 24 hour emergency service, just call 304-425-2888.

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