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3 arrested on drug-related charges in Greenbrier County Video included

Three people were arrested on drug-related charges Tuesday in Greenbrier County after a several-month long investigation by a number of law enforcement agencies. 


FLOOD SAFETY: important things to know! Video included

You may have heard the phrase, TURN AROUND DON'T DROWN!


Lightning safety: no outside place is safe! Video included

In the year 2016 alone, 38 people were killed by lightning across the US. (See chart here). When examining the locations of these fatalities, places where people were struck vary : in yards, cemeteries, under trees, outside of buildings, on mountain tops while hiking, on bodies of water, etc.  There is one thing that all of the deaths had in common though: they were outside.


In a tornado or severe thunderstorm: know what to do, and where to go!

"Tornado protect position" (VIA NWS) "Tornado protect position" (VIA NWS)

While rare across our area, tornadoes do happen. Do you know what to do and where to go?


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